Thursday, April 26, 2007

annotation 1

Technology is nothing new, from the lowest level of technology, the pencil in your hand, to the highest level, like the newest game system with the best graphics. Technology is everywhere and in everything, we just move on to bigger ideas leaving the archaic tools behind. That is why it is pointless to say that one is antitechnology because it is everywhere.

Researcher A buys a computer and puts it in an area that many people use and where they will see it. She helps people with how to write or research a certain topic and she notices that people are lining up to use it and to ask questions. To her this makes a lot of sense.

The second researcher, Researcher B, also buys the same computer but he places it in the dark corner where nobody will see it with a trillion rules to go with it. Nobody uses, or even sees, the computer, so to him using computers in an educational area does not make sense. Same technology, different results.

Today teens are texting on their cell phones and instant messaging on the computers and they need to find a way to get their point across faster without the bore of actually typing full and complete sentences. Below is a fictional example of how teens talk online or by texting. The screen names, and conversation are completely fictional.

bArBiEgIrL: hey qt (in English: hey, cutie)

MACHOman: hoas (hold on a second)

.....five hours later.....

MACHOman: g2g (got to go)

bArBiEgIrL: ttyl (talk to you later)

In the above online conversation bArBiEgIrL is trying to start a conversation with MACHOman who shows that he wants to talk to her. Five hours later he comes back and tell bArBiEgIrL that he has to go do something else and she responds by saying "talk to you later"

If this was written down on paper without the abbreviations you see that everything is how it should be.

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