Thursday, April 26, 2007

annotation 8

Educational technology is the answer to do better in schools. Computers provide opportunities that enhance science education. The Internet brings the world of science into the classroom. Doctor may post pictures of a MRI on a school website for medical students to study.

At a high school down in Louisiana, environmental science uses the Internet to focus on cleaning a polluted area by researching the water quality of a stream or pond.

Federal funding goes directly to states is $425 million. Technology could help both students and teachers toward their goals and dreams. This helps teachers and students struggling with material that is hard for them. To solve this teachers have to have formal technology training to help the students.

No doubt that technology can make a difference, but the question remains: Does the Internet and use of computers raise the students' achievement in science? Schools with enough money have more, and better, technology, we just need to fund the schools that are less fortunate that have less money.

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