Thursday, April 26, 2007

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I remember, way back in the seventh grade, my teacher made us write current event papers. I did them because I, and everybody else, used the Internet. Why she never used the Internet to teach us current events was a question I often asked myself. She would always bring in pile of old newspapers from a few weeks ago. The problem with that is these are not exactly current, it was the old way of teaching social studies.

The new and improved way most teacher teach current events in inexpensive. They do not have to go to the corner with pockets full of quarters to get the paper. Now they are updated online and the websites are easy to use and to read.

Nevertheless, social studies is a great way to show students to a range of views from around the world without reading the nasty newspapers. Using search engines, you can read papers from anywhere on the world. Foreign countries have English versions of their papers, seeing that English is the language barrier for most people.

Global web based newspapers give teachers and their students information, the hard copy, make it almost impossible to get. The online newspapers expands the introduction of very different views.

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Educational technology is the answer to do better in schools. Computers provide opportunities that enhance science education. The Internet brings the world of science into the classroom. Doctor may post pictures of a MRI on a school website for medical students to study.

At a high school down in Louisiana, environmental science uses the Internet to focus on cleaning a polluted area by researching the water quality of a stream or pond.

Federal funding goes directly to states is $425 million. Technology could help both students and teachers toward their goals and dreams. This helps teachers and students struggling with material that is hard for them. To solve this teachers have to have formal technology training to help the students.

No doubt that technology can make a difference, but the question remains: Does the Internet and use of computers raise the students' achievement in science? Schools with enough money have more, and better, technology, we just need to fund the schools that are less fortunate that have less money.

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Willard Model Elementary School is a model to other schools across the nation. They have been joining the school's curriculum with technology from the money the state has given them which helps the students write before they can actually spell.

Surveys have been conducted to see how technology affects learning. Teachers recommend spending an hour a day for the computer based lessons to be truly effective.

These goals are not easy to accomplish because of the cost of a computer, a computer lab could cost up to $13 thousand dollars or more in 1993. Congress, consisting of the House of Representatives and the Senate, are willing, and ready, to give education a combined amount of $888 million. All we have to do is wait for the bills to pass, and we may not have that much time.

We need to keep up with today's fast growing, modern technology. Today, the priority in our schools has to be technology because the success or failure of classroom technology is placed on our teachers training, if they ever get it.

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The first step is to understand what we mean when we use the word "technology." Adults and kids have a poor understanding of the styles of technology. How it influences society and what people can and do to affect its growth.

The government should train us on how to understand technology and to improve education.

The process by which us humans modify nature to meet our needs and wants is technology, it is a product of science and engineering. Technology is everywhere, even in the low tech stuff like pencils and pens.

Culture of society and values affect technology is not obvious immediately and neither is technological growth. Traditionally it has favored males more that females and this might explain why designs of the airbags were not suitable for the smaller structure of women.

To improve technology literacy we need to start in schools by providing students with regular contact with technology. Exposing students early on is a way to help gain knowledge, ways of thinking and acting and capabilities consistent with technology.

Education of all people on technology in whatever form are available is undoubtedly worth working on.

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Until schools allow major changes, they must continue missing out on the improvement computer technology brings. Education today depends on who gets the good teacher and who is left with the mean, evil teachers. In other words, good teachers get good results from their students.

In the year 1999 three age groups were tested 9, 13, and 17-year-old from 1994 through 1999. During this time schools received many computers and earnestly hoped that the influx of technology could, and would, improve education. Despite all of the technology that was used the scores did not improve.

Authorities looked for reasons, or people, to blame the failure on, so they turned to the teachers. However this is only a myth, the teachers knew what they were doing. The question now is, can technology make a difference as it is being used now? They realized that good interaction between student and teacher is a very important answer to the question and that the same approach using computers would result in success. The computers and students need to interact.

An alternative to how we use computers in schools is to let computers teach children personally and directly, without a teacher actually doing the teaching. This is a big step but the virtual teacher could strive to equal approaches like good teachers.

All this technology would change the teachers' part but neither eliminates or downgrades them.

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This research paper talks about teachers and their use of the computer, Internet or Information and Communications technology (ICT) in Icelandic high schools.

These researchers, which happen to be the authors, sent out a survey to 906 teachers, only getting replies from 423 of them. In the survey four topics where presented and only the first three topics were used.
  1. Background information of the teacher
  2. Access to computers, Internet and related items
  3. The teachers' attitudes toward the use of computers in their teachings.
  4. Teachers' experiences and attitudes towards distance education and distributed education.

The first graph shows how many teachers prefer to use computers in their teachings. Over half agreed and a minority disagreed. The next graph asked if the teachers were convinced that use of ICT in teachings will give better results. Almost half were neutral on this topic.

When it came to asking the teacher if the use ICT in teaching, grading, and as teaching materials, the overall majority reported that they rarely or never did despite the fact that they were all trained to use ICT

These teachers are not taking advantage of all the services the Internet and ICT provide in Iceland. The foreign teachers just need to find a way to use it more often.

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Over the centuries the word "knowledge" meant different things to different people. Some thought that it was how much you knew as a person. Others believed that it is the learning outcome.

The different types of knowledge also branch of into three different ideas but it all comes down to the way you learn what you know.

Technology, mostly computers, is a way to show your knowledge, being an extension of the mind like an axe is of the hand of stilts of the foot. Taking you knowledge and posting it online for other people to see and learn also helps you if you are commented of contacted.

Learning is being influenced by technology by having to do research papers or just reading things on your own. You take what you learn in differently than when you are in a classroom. Hearing someones voice and doing the research on you own time changes the way you learn.

As years go by the thought of teachers being replaced by technology is always feared, or welcomed. It is simple, if you are being replaced by a machine, you are not a good teacher and not worthy to stand in a classroom.