Thursday, April 26, 2007

annotations 4

This research paper talks about teachers and their use of the computer, Internet or Information and Communications technology (ICT) in Icelandic high schools.

These researchers, which happen to be the authors, sent out a survey to 906 teachers, only getting replies from 423 of them. In the survey four topics where presented and only the first three topics were used.
  1. Background information of the teacher
  2. Access to computers, Internet and related items
  3. The teachers' attitudes toward the use of computers in their teachings.
  4. Teachers' experiences and attitudes towards distance education and distributed education.

The first graph shows how many teachers prefer to use computers in their teachings. Over half agreed and a minority disagreed. The next graph asked if the teachers were convinced that use of ICT in teachings will give better results. Almost half were neutral on this topic.

When it came to asking the teacher if the use ICT in teaching, grading, and as teaching materials, the overall majority reported that they rarely or never did despite the fact that they were all trained to use ICT

These teachers are not taking advantage of all the services the Internet and ICT provide in Iceland. The foreign teachers just need to find a way to use it more often.

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