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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Favorite Place in the World!!!!

So, you want to know where my favorite place in the world is? Here, let me show you. On the door there is a poster with a bunch of little puppies of all kinds in really cool shoes. There is a bow on every corner of the poster with three more puppies hanging over the poster. The door opens and right away you se a desk that is somewhat messy. There is a chair that has shirts and jackets carelessly thrown on it. On the very top there are some trophies that are becoming very dusty and old. A row below there are some books, an alarm clock and some other things of odds and ends. The next two rows are lined with books and some more nick-nacks either on top, leaning against or just sitting in front of the books. Look to the left and you see closet doors with a magnetic dart board, a poster with quotes all over it, a Darth Vader poster, some more puppies and a puppy calendar currently showing a poodle driving a pink hotrod. Open it up and the right side is lined with colorful shirts and warm, fuzzy seatshirts. The right side holds one light blue and green dress, a short jean skirt and a pair of long, black dress pants. Close the doors and turn around there is a soccer bean bag lying to the left of a frame piled high with dirty, or unworn cloths under a heavy backpack. Next there are two short, small dresser that holds some cloths that can be seen squished between the drawers. In the middle of these two pieces of furniture is a basket filled with blankets used in the winter. Turn to the right and a little night stand is facing you. All six Harry Potter books are lined in a row ready to fall, three more rows under and you can see books and some things that were thrown there just to make everything look clean. Look up to the ceiling and a Bend it like Beckham poster with the two main characters are staring down at you in joy. A ladder beckons forth and as the steps guide, a warm, soft bed is covered with Beanie Babies, Taz, a horse, a pink, fuzzy pillow and a blue and lime green, ying-yang pillow surround you. Posters line the bed, Relient K, Superchick, a Golden Lab, a song titled Homesick, a big Sahara poster hovering and a mini Flushed Away movie poster on the wall. A lime green, bubblelike thing hanging on the wall holds a Marley and Me book peeking out of the top. A shelf holding valuables with two glass walls holds a pile of books, glasses and a remote for the stereo. Off in the corner, to the right of the desk, the window draws light into the room and leads you to the black, five disk changing stereo with a Fellowship of the Ring audio book playing. When leaving a door hanger says goodbye with all sorts of unneeded or forgotten things.

Ask me again what my favorite place in the world is and I'll just tell you all over again.

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