Thursday, April 26, 2007

annotation 3

Over the centuries the word "knowledge" meant different things to different people. Some thought that it was how much you knew as a person. Others believed that it is the learning outcome.

The different types of knowledge also branch of into three different ideas but it all comes down to the way you learn what you know.

Technology, mostly computers, is a way to show your knowledge, being an extension of the mind like an axe is of the hand of stilts of the foot. Taking you knowledge and posting it online for other people to see and learn also helps you if you are commented of contacted.

Learning is being influenced by technology by having to do research papers or just reading things on your own. You take what you learn in differently than when you are in a classroom. Hearing someones voice and doing the research on you own time changes the way you learn.

As years go by the thought of teachers being replaced by technology is always feared, or welcomed. It is simple, if you are being replaced by a machine, you are not a good teacher and not worthy to stand in a classroom.

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