Thursday, April 26, 2007

annotation 9

I remember, way back in the seventh grade, my teacher made us write current event papers. I did them because I, and everybody else, used the Internet. Why she never used the Internet to teach us current events was a question I often asked myself. She would always bring in pile of old newspapers from a few weeks ago. The problem with that is these are not exactly current, it was the old way of teaching social studies.

The new and improved way most teacher teach current events in inexpensive. They do not have to go to the corner with pockets full of quarters to get the paper. Now they are updated online and the websites are easy to use and to read.

Nevertheless, social studies is a great way to show students to a range of views from around the world without reading the nasty newspapers. Using search engines, you can read papers from anywhere on the world. Foreign countries have English versions of their papers, seeing that English is the language barrier for most people.

Global web based newspapers give teachers and their students information, the hard copy, make it almost impossible to get. The online newspapers expands the introduction of very different views.

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