Thursday, April 26, 2007

annotations 6

The first step is to understand what we mean when we use the word "technology." Adults and kids have a poor understanding of the styles of technology. How it influences society and what people can and do to affect its growth.

The government should train us on how to understand technology and to improve education.

The process by which us humans modify nature to meet our needs and wants is technology, it is a product of science and engineering. Technology is everywhere, even in the low tech stuff like pencils and pens.

Culture of society and values affect technology is not obvious immediately and neither is technological growth. Traditionally it has favored males more that females and this might explain why designs of the airbags were not suitable for the smaller structure of women.

To improve technology literacy we need to start in schools by providing students with regular contact with technology. Exposing students early on is a way to help gain knowledge, ways of thinking and acting and capabilities consistent with technology.

Education of all people on technology in whatever form are available is undoubtedly worth working on.

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